vendredi, décembre 15, 2006

Howard Dean, at Liberal Party Convention

From Global Voices On Line.. Howard Dean speaks French and
what that might mean for the future of the US and Canada,
and for the Esperanto Movement.

Esperanto, English, French

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3 commentaires:

Martine a dit…

Thank you Ron for this interesting article. So, now our fries are back for popular demand!!!!!

Funny how things change and still are the same. I wonder what is going to come out of all this ?

A better understanding among people ? Hum !!! Thinking twice before going to war ??? Would be great...

Merci Ron pour cet article. Je vois que nos frites sont de nouveaux en demande!!!!!

Bizzare comme les choses peuvent changer et pourtant rester pareilles. Je me demande où tout ça va nous mener ?

Une meilleure compréhension entre les peuples ? Une meilleure réflexion avant de décider d'entrer en guerre ? Hum !!! Ce serait une bonne chose...

Ron Amos a dit…

The rumer here is that French Fries were invented in New York during one of those times when France was well thought of and calling them "French" was a good selling point.

Martine a dit…

I love it!!!


Vous aimez YouTube???